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Partition Wall - Balanced

Sound Insulation Solution

Airborne Sound Insulation - Rw = 52 dB


The Partition Wall - Balanced solution explores the distance between plasterboard structures to improve the total sound insulation performance. Supporting each wall in separated dBA WS units and connecting them with dBA WD-P grants both stability and acoustic decoupling from the surrounding structures. This solution is expected to have an Airborne Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 52 dB.

Sound Insulation Solution

General Specifications:

Construction Elements:

- 2x Plasterboard (15mm)
- dBA UL-EPDM 3.5
- Plasterboard (13mm)
- FoamArt AGL (40mm)
- dBA WS
- dBA UL-Foam
- dBA WD-P

Insulation Total Thickness ≈ 215 mm

Partition Wall - Balanced



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