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Floor - Ultimate 1

Sound Insulation Solution

Airborne Sound Insulation - Rw = 60 dB


The Floor - Ultimate solution guaranties a premium, high performance insulation for almost every flooring surface. The use of dBA FP-Rubber anti-vibration pads and the resulting air gap improves the sound reduction levels throughout the whole frequency spectrum. This solution installed on a 150 mm concrete slab is expected to result in an Airborne Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 60 dB and an Impact Sound Pressure Level (Lw) of 45 dB.

Sound Insulation Solution

General Specifications:

Construction Elements:

- 2x MDF Boards (16mm)
- d-BA UL-EPDM 3.5
- dBA UL-Foam
- FoamArt AGL (20mm)
- dBA FP-Rubber

Compatible Floorings:
- Hardwood
- Laminated
- Vinyl
- Carpet

Insulation Total Thickness ≈ 65 mm

Sound Impact Insolation*:
L’n,w | 45 dB

* This Rw and L’n,w values do not include the flooring insulation contribution and assume the solution is installed over a 150 mm concrete slab.

Floor - Ultimate 1



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