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Floor - Balanced 1

Sound Insulation Solution

Airborne Sound Insulation - Rw = 55 dB


The Floor-Balanced solution grants a very high efficiency in impact noise reduction, taking little space out of the room. Using the new dBA US-Cork (or the UL-Cork) results in a very significant improvement in impact sound insulation and in the overall thermal insulation of the floor. This solution installed on a 150 mm concrete slab is expected to result in an Airborne Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 55 dB and an Impact Sound Pressure Level (Lw) of 60 dB.

Sound Insulation Solution

General Specifications:

Construction Elements:

- 2x MDF Boards (16mm)
- dBA UL-EPDM 3.5
- dBA UL-Foam
dBA US-Cork

Compatible Floorings:
- Hardwood
- Laminated
- Vinyl
- Carpet

Insulation Total Thickness ≈ 45 mm

Sound Impact Insolation*:
L’n,w | 60 dB

* This Rw and L’n,w values do not include the flooring insulation contribution and assume the solution is installed over a 150 mm concrete slab.

Floor - Balanced 1



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