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Partition Wall - Starter

Sound Insulation Solution

Airborne Sound Insulation - Rw = 47 dB


The Partition Wall - Starter solution is a simple and acoustically aware plasterboard-based double-wall structure. With just one support structure and small space required it's possible to build an efficient and reliable interior wall inside any room, for any purpose. This solution is expected to have an Airborne Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 47 dB.

Sound Insulation Solution

General Specifications:

Construction Elements:

- Plasterboard (15mm)
- dBA UL-EPDM 3.5
- Plasterboard (13mm)
- FoamArt AGL (40mm)
- dBA WS

Insulation Total Thickness ≈ 100 mm

Partition Wall - Starter



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