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A true piece of acoustic artwork

A true piece of acoustic artwork.

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FixArt Tube

Versatile Panel Mounting

The installation of acoustic panels has always been a challenge for integrators, not only due to the commitment to acoustic treatment but also because of potential wall damage and the limited installation time available. This highlights the need for a highly effective, versatile, and easily installable solution. Artnovion is sensitive to the challenges faced by integrators and, in response, has developed the FixArt Tube.
FixArt Tube is an innovative system for acoustic panels. Simply follow the included template and attach the clip fixture to your surface and to the corners of your panel. Clip them both into the tube, and you’re done.
FixArt Tube is more than just an easy to install, easy to align fixing system.
At Artnovion, our passion for acoustics fuels our drive to consistently maximise the products’ performance. When your panel is attached to the tube, an air cavity is formed behind the panels, amplifying the absorbers’ performance.
One of Artnovion’s key principles is aesthetics. Just utilising the wall-mounted tubes transforms your room into a blank canvas for acoustic treatment, offering versatility for dynamic room configurations. Whether aiming for full reverberation or a “drier” acoustical environment, it provides a spectrum of options and combinations, both in design and treatment.
The Fixing System is fully reversible on panels, ensuring no damage during usage. This extends the panels’ lifespan and facilitates effortless relocation or upgrades to different spaces.
Once installed, this system not only allows for easy adjustments and effortless clip-in and clip-out functionality but also accommodates wall-mounted utilities such as pipes and wires and enhances panel performance.

Compatible with M6 screw thread receivers


FixArt Tube Single Metal:
- 530xø15mm
- 16 tubes per box + 64 plastic clips; (tube length Unit 530mm)
- Installs standard panels (595x595mm)
- Box size: 640x128x100mm

FixArt Tube Double Metal:
- 1125xø15mm
- 8 tubes per box + 56 plastic clips; (tube length Unit 1125mm)
- Installs 4 Doble H panels, or otherwise 8 standard panels (595x595mm), coupled side-by-side
- Box size: 1200x128x100mm

FixArt Tube Double Plastic:
- 1125xø15mm
- 8 tubes per box + 64 plastic clips; (tube length 1125 mm)
- Installs 4 Doble H panels, or otherwise 8 standard panels (595x595mm), coupled side-by-side
- Box size: 1200x128x100mm


FixArt Tube
- Metal
- Plastic

Artnovion Tools | Quantity Calculator
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Demo videos

FixArt Tube, Single Panel Installation.
FixArt Tube, Double Vertical Panels Installation.
FixArt Tube, Double Horizontal Installation.


When using FixArt tube on the ceiling, it is obligatory to use the FixArt lock security device. This system guarantees a safe and precise installation. Artnovion is not liable for any damage caused by improper use of FixArt Tube.

FixArt Tube


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