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A true piece of acoustic artwork

A true piece of acoustic artwork.

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M6 Screw Thread Receiver Add-on


Artnovion’s proprietary frame is standardly equipped with four M6 Screw Thread receivers. For customers intending to take their creativity to the next level, these additional thread receivers allow for 90-degree rotation offering the possibility to create new patterns with panels such as Siena, Verona, Azteka and Orion.
This Add-on comprises an M6 screw thread receiver, ensuring compatibility with all M6 screw-compatible fixing systems.


Compatible with the following panel sizes:
- 595x595mm
- 595x1190mm
- 1190x595mm
- Compatible with Artnovion Frame Panels
- Compatible with all M6 screw-compatible fixing systems

M6 Screw Thread receiver - Add-on



FG | 0x0x0mm


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