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Instant Fix Kit

Instant Fix Kit is a kit designed to facilitate fixing panels using GlueArt

At Artnovion, we prioritise the integrator and recognise that there might not always be a mechanical solution to secure panels within the first 10 minutes. We offer a hybrid solution to assist: a two-step adhesive process. This is particularly useful for quicker installations, especially on horizontal surfaces where initial support is challenging. The kit is designed with heavier panels in mind, such as Artnovion Absorbers.
GlueArt 3.0 Instant Fix Kit is a kit designed to facilitate fixing panels using GlueArt.
Acoustic panels are fixed using a combination of extra-strong double-sided adhesives that secure even heavier panels in place while GlueArt cures.

Installation Procedure:

1. Clean the surface and make sure it is dry and free of dust and grease.
2. Apply the double-sided adhesive to the back of the panel according to the installation guide.
3. Using a sealant gun apply adhesive to the back of the panel; for highly irregular surfaces, apply adhesive to both the panel and the target surface.
4. Place the panel on the wall in the correct position and apply pressure.


The kit comes with 3 tubes of GluArt and 96 double sided adhesive strips, enough to install 24 SQR sized panels, or 12 RCT sized panels.
Not intended for SQR panels heavier than 3kg or RCT panels heavier than 6kg

Instant Fix Kit


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