Explore the rich details of La Grande Chambre, Glab Studios most popular recording & mixing rooms in South Korea

The Red Lady Studios

Appropriately named “The Red Lady”, in captivating bright red, this studio is a perfect canvas to unleash creativity


The Island Studio by Jan Morel

The best sound. No compromise.

The Evolution of Diffusion

Mobile Bass Trap Kit | PA&S Range

A freestanding solution for state-of-the-art low frequency control.



Artnovion’s new mobile bass trap kit is the perfect accessory to tame your studio's low end without the need for screwing or glueing anything to its surfaces. This is a versatile freestanding solution for home and professional studios that is available with in both 2 or 3 stacked units of Bass Trap Corner.


This new fixing option for our tuneable membrane bass traps allows you to place the panels anywhere in your room and to move them whenever, and wherever you need to. 


Artnovion Bass Trap 

The Corner Bass Trap is composed of 2 independent cavities - 1 sealed volumed equipped with independent, tuneable diaphragmatic membranes (TPDA), and an additional acoustic core packed with a high-performance porous absorber (VABT). This configuration is designed to bring you the best performance possible, with pressure and velocity sensitive cores exposed to the correct modal areas. | Link | For more information about Bass Trap Corner