Explore the rich details of La Grande Chambre, Glab Studios most popular recording & mixing rooms in South Korea

The Red Lady Studios

Appropriately named “The Red Lady”, in captivating bright red, this studio is a perfect canvas to unleash creativity


The Island Studio by Jan Morel

The best sound. No compromise.

The Evolution of Diffusion

Kit Mobile Wall Bass Trap

Artnovion’s new Kit Mobile Wall Bass Trap is dedicated to audio enthusiasts and professionals that are looking for a less invasive low-frequency treatment. Installing our tuneable membrane bass traps on these freestanding supports allows you to place the products anywhere in your room and keeps you from having to screw or glue anything onto its surfaces.


Each kit can be assembled in two height configurations, depending on whether you want to stack 2 or 3 Bass Traps.


Compatible with Corner Bass Traps, Bass Traps not included.