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Eglantier Hi Fi

The definition of audiophile: they who seek to reproduce music as truly and precisely as possible.
Our ­ŁŚö­Łśâ­ŁŚ«­ŁŚ╣­ŁŚ╝­ŁŚ╗ ­ŁŚŤ­Łść­ŁŚ»­ŁŚ┐­ŁŚÂ­ŁŚ▒ ­ŁŚö­ŁŚ»­ŁśÇ­ŁŚ╝­ŁŚ┐­ŁŚ»­ŁŚ▓­ŁŚ┐-­ŁŚŚ­ŁŚÂ­ŁŚ│­ŁŚ│­Łśé­ŁśÇ­ŁŚ▓­ŁŚ┐ plays an important role in lowering the reverberation time and sculpting a controlled, homogeneous sound field.



Passion for acoustics

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