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Kit Mobile Wall

Mobile acoustic treatment, tailored to your taste.

Based upon our patented FixArt Tube system, this kit allows you to adapt a selection of our absorber into mobile walls. Perfect for enthusiasts who want a continuous theme with their walls, or want a personalised mobile solution. With an easy mounting system using our patented FixArt system, the Fixart tube kit is perfect for dual-purpose rooms, configurable auditoriums or creating an artificial wall to your studio.


 Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with integrated frame system) & Frame design 

Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with Tube Fixing System)





         Kit Mobile Wall - 1 box :

                     - 2 Bases 

                     - 12 Tubes 

                     - 40 Plastic Clips

                     - 8 Tube connectors 


         Box size: 640x385x120 mm

         Box weight: 8,90Kg








For further details please download our tehcnical file.


Explanation videos