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Olympus Microphone Shield

Microphone Absorber Shield

Distinguish accessory for audio professionals.

Olympus is a curved isolation screen for microphones that drastically reduces first reflections and removes the general room effect from your recordings. Designed to be totally transparent to the microphone frequency response, with acoustic absorption features and an adjustable microphone clamp, Olympus is a portable solution for the Pro Audio segment available in a selection of beautiful finishes.
Olympus is optimized for transport with a modular design, with an easy mounting process and adjustable mounting bracket. Olympus is prepared for both EU and USA microphone sizes.


Colors: Cerise, Marron and Wenge


Finishing Material: 

100% Natural Wood

Box Weight | 5,20 Kg*

Packing Dimensions - 460x350x300mm

* Approximate weight








 Marron version




 Wenge version