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FoamArt Moritz

Absorption coefficient
FoamArt Moritz 
FoamArt Moritz is a durable, adaptable acoustic material, designed for industrial and public spaces. Perfect for maximizing acoustic treatment apt for wall and ceiling use. FoamArt Moritz is made from a highly resistant foam, that not only complies with public use fire ratings, but is also fully washable and resistant to humidity, making it a perfect choice for industrial, sanitary or harsh environments.
Fire rate classification:

FR ++ |  M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1 (BS 476-7); B1 (DIN 4102-1); B, S2,d0 (EN 13501-2); HF 1 (UL 94).



600x600x40mm | 1200x600x40mm


Available Finishes: