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Andrea Dimi AE - Absorber

Absorption Coefficient


Absorption range: 160 Hz to 5000 Hz
Acoustic Class: A
Absorption coefficient (αw) = 1,0

Fire rate classification:
FR++| EN 13501-1 (EU), ASTM E84,

Material: Fabric FR++
Fixing System: Mechanical
Dimensions: Available Soon

An elegant premium acoustic treatment.
Andes Dimi Absorber is an elegant premium acoustic treatment. Artnovion's Dimi range was designed for adaptability. Allowing a new scope of designs and space management. Perfect for treating sound reflections and excessive reverberation. Manufactured with premium materials and carefully wrapped with acoustic fabric, this product has an outstanding performance from mid to high frequencies.
Available in standard market furniture grade fire rate, appropriate for home use applications, compliant with all domestic level fire grades; and Fire Rate + fire resistance, compliant with entry-level fire resistance, certified under specific European and American regulations. Available in 7 standard colours, plus customised colours on demand.
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Andrea Dimi AE - Absorber

An elegant premium acoustic treatment


An elegant premium acoustic treatment.

Finishing Material: 

Fabric FR++ (Ultimate Fire Rated)

Fire rate classification:

FR ++ |  M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1 (BS 476-7); B1 (DIN 4102-1); B, S2,d0 (EN 13501-2); HF 1 (UL 94).

Acoustic performance:

Absorption range: 160Hz to 5000Hz

Acoustic class: A

Absorption coefficient (αw): 1,0(M)



FR ++ | 595x298x60mm  


FR ++ |Available Soon*( FR+ Version)


Installation - Mechanical

Units per box - Available Soon

Packing Dimensions - 640x385x320mm

* Approximate weight

Artnovion product  andrea dimi ae 420ea0cccc

Available Finishes:

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