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Petra W - Surface

Absorption coeficient


Absorption range: Coming Soon
Acoustic Class: Coming Soon
Absorption coefficient (αw): Coming Soon

Fire rate classification:
FR++| M1 (France); Class 1 BS (UK); B1 (Germany); B, S2,d0 (Euroclass); HF 1 (USA)

Material: Wood FR++
Fixing System: Mechanical or Chemical
Dimensions: 1760x1175x12mm (20un/Pallet)

A disruptive 3D panel.
Artnovion’s construction line is composed of Surface, large scale panels aimed solely at the architecture and construction market. Our large scale panels allow you to incorporate your acoustics into the building of your space, supplying a practical and efficient solution. Petra Surface is the perfect solution to treat reflective surfaces that cause interfering reflections and excessive reverberation, which can corrupt work environments, meeting and gathering areas, music quality and speech intelligibility.
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A disruptive 3D panel.

Easy and quick to install, Petra surface is a efficient absorption panel with a 2D pattern, that when combined with other panels from our range, creates a mesmerizing effect.

Material: Euro Class B Wood

Dimensions: 1760x1175x12mm (20un/Pallet)
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Petra W AE - Surface


A disruptive 3D panel.

Finishing Material - Wood



Dim. | 1760x1175x12mm

Weight | Kg*

Units per pallet | 20

Box Weight | Kg*


Installation - Mechanical or Chemical

Packing Dimensions - 1800x1200x450mm

* Approximate weight


Available Finishes:

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