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Inspired by our Pro Audio market, from musicians to sound mixers. The need for portable sound treatment is ever increasing, be it for a portable studio, to treat that one remaining doorway, or for configurable rooms and auditoriums, Helen Mobile Wall does just this.


Our high quality Helen absorbers are perfect balance between performance and classical design. Transform any space into a vocal booth, or create an artificial wall for your studio. Using our patented FixArt System, optimised for transportability and space, Helen Mobile Wall is a welcome addition to any space.


Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with integrated frame system) & Frame design 

Artnovion Patent P. ( Acoustic panel with Tube Fixing System)






Pack Info 1 Box : 

    - Wall Size: 1850 x 600 mm

    - Quantity: 1 wall x 3 Helen Absorber panels (595 x 595 x 58 mm) 

    - Box size: 640 x 188 x 640 mm |

    - Box Weight: 8,10 Kg*



For further details please download our tehcnical file.